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The owner of Toys ‘R’ Us just used OpenAI’s Sora to animate the zombie brand

A boy in a checkered red and white tablecloth of a shirt, with red hair, generated by OpenAI, to represent Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus.
Image: Toys R Us

Do you have fond memories of Toys “R” Us, back before private equity helped lay it to waste? If so, I’m really curious what you think of this partially AI-generated video that the zombie brand is calling “the first-ever brand film using OpenAI’s new text-to-video tool, Sora.”

OpenAI’s Sora wowed the world in February with photorealistic videos created by generative AI — and again when the company’s CTO refused to say where Sora was getting its training data from. (YouTube is the going theory.)

But though OpenAI has reportedly been pitching Hollywood on the tech, one of the first entities to publicly bite is brand management firm WHP Global, which currently licenses the Toys “R” Us brand to stores like Macy’s and is also exploring larger…

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