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Sling TV is the latest streamer to get those pesky pause ads

An image showing a pause ad on Sling TV
Image: Sling TV

Sling TV will now put ads on your screen when you pause live or on-demand content, according to an announcement from its parent company, Dish. But you won’t have to deal with this extra dose of ads if you don’t want to — the pause ad example shared by Sling TV says you can “turn off Pause Ads” from the settings menu.

That comes as a relief in an industry where it’s getting harder and harder to escape intrusive pause ads. Want to stop a show to get a closer look at something on your screen? Or maybe you want to admire a close-up of your favorite actor for a little bit? Well, pause ads make that nearly impossible, as they often take up all or part of your screen.

GIF: Sling TV

The pause ads could contain a video or…

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